Best path to upgrade my source

I am a new start up in the stereo world. At present I have an Audible Illusions pre, 200 watt tube mono's, dynaudio 1.3 mk 11'S, and a highly modded marantz cd67se. I would like to upgrade the front end source. I am on a tight budget, and I'm considering either a Benchmark dac1 or Naim cdi or meridian 506. I prefer acoustic, soft jazz, and mild rock and roll. My listening habits revolve around detail and immediacy as my 53 year old ears have heard better. Any suggestions?
Modified DAC Ah from
Excellent, find many reviews all stellar, it replaced my WADIA no joke very similar sound but slightly sweeter and saved me a bundle.. Any decent Transport will work well, probably keep what you have and use it for now and see what you think, 30 day return policy and its 220.00 bucks!!
There is no best path other than extensive experimentation. There are many DACs out there and you will just have to do some research, find out which ones seem to match you style, and get one to try out. If you buy used DACs carefully, you can sell them again for basically what you paid. Few hobbies have that advantage so use it for all it's worth! And as Undertow suggested, 30 day return policies are fairly common and a great way to experiment with new DACs at "no" cost. Arthur
To inexpensively resolve more detail from your CDP (plus, reduce the digital "edge" that limits delicately using volume control to yield a little more immediacy), try the $12.50 Grungebuster2 CD mat.
You'll probably laugh, as I did, to discover such a tiny cost can result in genuine listening upgrade.
This gives you more time to decide on your next hardware upgrade, which is still going to be enhanced by this cheap vibration/resonance control.
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