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Need advice on loudspeakers Southern California
Bruce, think about the system as a whole. Synergy between your speakers, amps, and CD/TT/cables,etc is the key.Thre must be some good HiFi stores in S Cal. that can demo some top quality systems, also, there are probably audio clubs in your area w... 
Sweetest SET Amp below $5k
Check out the Consonance Cyber mono blocks with 211 or 845 output tubes.Art Audio Carissa sig used- 845 , Diavolo, Jota usedThere is a Bel Canto 845 integrated/remote right now on Ago " " " Mastersound/Vaic 320 integrated " " " KR 340Wytech 211 s... 
Question about making 2.1 home theatre work
Just use the speaker level connections to your front speakers, what it duzzent know won't hurt it, mums the word, matey....aaarrrrrr! 
dusting? or covers?
I use a bandana for my Well tempered TT, should be ok for amps when they are not powered up. 
TT+tonearm under $5k
Check out the Raven One also 
Is there such a speaker...(loud but smooth)?
Check out the open baffle designed Emerald Physics speakers, they fill your requirements. 
Opinions on Mogami Cable?
Check out Take Five Audio, they sell all 3, cryogenic treated. I've used the 2542 for ICs and speaker cable. I've used the 3104 biwire cable for power cords (star quad w/ reverse spirol ground). Cheap prices and good sound. With cryoed Neutrik RCA... 
Dynavector P-75 mods?
I have a Dynavector P-75, and it had a broken RCA jack(cheapplastic). I replaced the 2 RCAs with Vampire cryoed, gold over copper, and cryoed single crystal copper and silver jumpers to the board. It not only fixed the problem, the difference in s... 
Denon DL 103 vs DL 103R
I have had a Statement Sonata (.5mv), and have a couple 103 and an R, all good choices. But i'll tell you what i will recommend is the Dynavector P75 phono stage, especially the "phono enhance" circuit. All 3 sound great thru it. I've never heard ... 
Phono cartridge headshell stand?
Hi Jan, i've seen one put out by Audio Technica that is sold in Japan. It is available on ebay from jpopstore, or joyfuljapan. I think it holds 6 or 8 cartridges and has a dust cover. Also audiocubes2 might have it too. Hope this helps.Regards, Alan 
Selector switches?
DACTs are available from partsconnexion. I bought some Grayhill silver contact switches from Wellborne Labs that are excellent. I don't know if they are still available. Hope this helps.Alan 
Decent low-cost used phono amp
Great choices guys, add the Dynavector P-75 to the list. 
Audio Dropping Out on Rega Apollo and Saturn
Hi, i owned an Apollo, and had the same problem with discs that were not in great shape. But when i put the same discs in my Planet 2000, they played fine. I sold the Apollo and kept the P2000. Not as detailed as the Apollo, but a warmer, more nat... 
Looking for a Solidly good inexpensive DAC
RAM modified Dac-Ah 
bookshelf speaker choice
Focal JM Labs Cobalt 806S" " " Chorus 707sBoth discontinued but worth searching out. I have Cobalt 806S and love them, i paid $600. used. The new V series has a new (cheaper) tweeter, and they are not even close!