Best Record You Have Ever heard

Thought I would start this thread for all you vinyl lovers out there.

The rules are simple:
1. Only post one album, the absolute best you have heard.
2. It must be something you have heard on VINYL.
3. Both the recording AND musical content must be impeccable
and I do mean BOTH!
4. Try to be as specific as possible i.e/ version, year, re-issue, original, 45RM,direct to disc, half speed mastered etc...

Here is mine.

Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Curtains
Release: Record COllection
Date: 2005
Recording: It was done in his living room, fully acoustic album. Mastered by Bernie Grundman Hollywood CA.
Title: Money Makes The World Go Round
Artist: The Distributors
Release: 2011
Recording: Live at RMAF
Mastering: Good Night Recordings
Microphone: Mk33 1/3
Label: Empty Pockets
Chief Engineer: Broken Bearing jun.

"Out To Lunch" by Eric Dolphy on Blue Note. More for the music than it is for sonic. It is Rudy Van Gelder at his best, pristine, full of horn presence and snappy dynamics. RVG is the worst engineer on piano so thank goodness this has no piano and Bobby Hutcherson's vibe is perfect this type of recording. Musically, one of the greatest albums of avant-garde jazz. Eric's bass clarinet is so awesome that I had a car accident listening to the opening track inspired by Monk. If I was to get killed, at least it was for great music! Essential.

I gotta go with Randy Travis, Storms of Life. I have an original pressing. It's my wife's kind of music but it has grown on me because the record is so well recorded and so nicely balanced top to bottom. Sparkly top end, silky smooth mids and punchy lively bass.