VPI H-16.5 record cleaning machine power failure

I purchased an unused machine secondhand (the guy died before using this, and his estate simply wanted to sell it on). Well, on getting this home, it worked fabulously for about ten LPs, then power failed. I'd treated the machine with the utmost care, drained the excess fluid etc.

I discovered that the onboard fuse had blown, since replaced. The main fuse in the plug was also replaced, though had not blown. But both switches (vacuum motor, and platter) still fail to switch on. What, I ask, could cause both to fail? 

And, is this machine what it's cracked up to be? In terms of build quality?


I don’t know what is wrong with your VPI record cleaner, but I have had the same model for over 10 years and it has always worked perfectly.

You should contact VPI, and if you haven't check for troubleshooting tips in the manual.

I would post this in the Analog instead of Pro Audio forum.

Thank you. The manual offers no clues. In contact with VPI, who hopefully will respond. 

Best bet is to contact VPI. I've also had a HW16.5 for over a decade now I believe and the only problem I ever ran into was the unit would over heat & shutdown during long cleaning sessions (20+ LPs). I was going back through my collection & cleaning everything at the time once I got the HW16.5. Haven't had that problem since as I'm rarely cleaning more than 5-8 LPs at any one time.

I cleaned my record collection with a VPI machine and Walker cleaning fluid. You do not have to do Step 4 of Walker. I found out about 90% of the way through. The VPI is great but only cleans one side at a time. The Audio Desk System cleans both sides at once, is completely automatic, has a smaller footprint than the VPI, and gets the record cleaner because cavitation. Wish I'd known before cleaning my collection with VPI.