Best recording / performance Dvorak Cello conc.

in B minor, I think.

I mislaid my penguin guide and I'd like to replace a very old LP (that cost 25 cents) with a CD.


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The reviewer was somewhat less kind than you in the reasons for the perceived shortcomings of the Du Pre/Barenboim recording. In general, the reviewers at this website think Du Pre had talent but a limited range of interpretive modes and she sometimes experienced technical difficulties. They all agree her recording of the Elgar concerto is great, but also believe that British critics and fans overlook her shortcomings because multiple sclerosis cut short both here career and her life. Here are links to reviews of two recordings she made of the Dvorak concerto:

If you're interested, here is a review of the recording of the Dvorak violin concerto you just ordered:
Doug, thanks!

These guys are a bit harsh.
I haven't heard the live recording of the Dvorak with Celibidache and can't really comment about this recording.
Du Pre was certainly a unique musician and her playing is not to everyone's taste.

Next recording of the Dvorak concerto that I would like to pick up is the Casals on Naxos.
I've not heard of the Q/Belohlavek; with the Czech P. I assume? Thanks for the heads-up on that one guys.

One I've enjoyed for years is on Chandos: R. Wallfisch, Charles Mackerras and London Symphony. Yo can find better cello peformances, but Wallfisch plays very well and the "back-up band" is the most exciting I've heard in this piece. Excellent sound, too. Not too far back in the hall as (older) Chandos is often wont to do.

Steve O.
I picked up Rostropovich/Karajan on DG and everyone who said this version is better than the Rostropovich/Giulini, is 100% correct. These 2 are not even in the same league. Karajan makes this concerto come to life. Giulini is simply boring in comparison.
Thanks for recommending this one!
Worth searching out is that early Rostropovich recording with Talich and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra mentioned above. Orginally issued on Supraphon, and mono only I believe, I have the US distributed Parliament PLP-139 on vinyl. The sound is somewhat limited, but the performance is a great one by both Talich and Rostropovich -- I return to this recording regularly to recalibrate my listening as to what a truly great performance of this work can sound like.

The Janos Starker performance on Mercury mentioned very early in this thread is an excellent performance by a great cellist and with excellent sonics. The vinyl reissue by Speakers Corner is very worthwhile if you're into vinyl.