Best Solid State for Avalon Isis

I would appreciate informed comments regarding best solid-state synergy with Avalon Isis. I’m looking for an amp that will maintain absolute control of deep bass, while maintaining a rich and dynamic mid-range, and clarity without sacrificing musicality. It should be transparent, and allow a vast and layered soundstage to appear. Although the Isis appear relatively efficient (90db at 4ohm), the paired 13” woofers are going to need an amp with muscle.

Source is a Wadia 9 series. It runs direct. It does not need a pre-amp.

I listen to big, loud, congested orchestral music (ie. Mahler, Bruckner, Wagner). I like to hear all the detail, including the musician's technique and subtle alterations in tempo. Orchestral sections need to have mass. I want to feel the bass at low in addition to high volumes.

My room is 20 x 30 ft, and has plaster walls/ceiling with wood floors and padded area rugs. Tubes are not an option. Because of the room and source, I am not looking for an amp that is artificially fast or tipped toward the higher frequencies.

A company which is solvent, established, reliable, and with good customer support is important, with preference for an American manufacturer. I plan on trying to home demo some of these, but need advice on where to concentrate and expend my efforts.

These are some I'm considering, and additional suggestions are welcome:
Pass Labs XA200.5
Boulder 1050 Monoblocks
Halcro DM78
Spectral DMA 360
Edge NL Sig One
Hovland Stratos

Thank you,
Most probably this:



Discalaimer: I'm the Italian Viola distributor but the match with the Avalon Isis is really incredible and worth to be mentioned.
I have heard the Viola preamp ... fantastic! never heard such a precise soundstage

for me the only "mistake" on the picture is the EMM Lab, dCS Pucini is quite better ... I am not dealer ;-)
I have a related question. I am thinking about buying the Avalon Isis but wonder if my SOulution 710 (ss 125 watts pc) will have power enough. My room is big (about 12 m x 4m). Currently the Soulution powers a pair of Eidolon Diamond without any problem.
Does anyone have experience with this particular combination?
Many thanks