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Best Solid State for Avalon Isis
Most probably this:[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]Discalaimer: I'm the Italian Viola distributor but the match with the Avalon Isis is really incredible and worth to be mentioned. 
MBL 101e's vs. Soundlab U-1's
Hello David,if a dynamic speaker is still in your options but you would like to get the transparency, speed and purity of timber of esl's and ribbon speakers, I do suggest you to give a look at the bigger Egglestons (disclaimer: I am their Italian... 
Eidolon Vision ?
Hi GD,I posted this thread long time ago and many things have changed. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Vision and I do remind you to check the big Egglestons, as suggested you by email, if you are still looking for a reference dynamic ... 
VIOLA Speaker
Hi Mehdi, unfortunately I cannot respond to your question since I have not yet compared the Viola speakers with Egglestons side by side. All the best, luca. 
VIOLA Speaker
They were displayed at the last CES in Vegas: some audiogoners did listen to them... 
JM Lab Nova Be or Eggleston Savoy?
Hi Ecamel, please check my system for my thoughts: are really wonderful speakers.Enjoy, luca. 
Atma-Sphere amps with Eggleston Andra II's
Lot of responses but... hey Bill ! Are you still here ? What did you decide to do ? Let us know, I believe we are all curious... 
Atma-Sphere amps with Eggleston Andra II's
The OTL's, as correctly stated, are intended to use with high impedance, especially electrostatics (like Soundlab), speakers. The Dynaudio drivers need current and amps with a good damping factor in order to get the best results. Actually it is st... 
Jadis Eurythmie - Anyone ever listen to them?
I have a friend here in Italy who is looking to sell his Eurythmies at a fair price. They are perfect and he is a gentlemen too. Feel free to email me if you are interested in this pair of speakers. Best, luca. 
Thoughts on Egglestonworks Andra II
French Fries, I don't think that Wilsons can image better than Egglestons. The drivers used in Egglestons are much more revealing and accurate, especially the Esotar tw. As far as concerns the Maxx II, you should compare them with Savoys, not with... 
Opinions on Viola Audio Labs
Follow up: I received my first units from Viola Labs and became their Italian distributor. The Cadenza preamp/Symphony amp combo is shockingly good: no traces of their SS nature, just a smooth, liquid sound yet transparent, tight and dynamic. Dist... 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Happy Holidays from Trieste (near Venice), Italy ! 
Wilson WP7 versus X1 - Gen III and Maxx II's
Trust Oneobgyn, your room is definitely too small for the Maxx's or X-1's. The WP7's too seem sacrificed there: how you can ever consider a bigger speaker ? Are you just looking for resonances and wall shacking ? Sorry but your plan seems really a... 
Kharma CRM3.2 FE vs Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario
Check out the Eggleston Andra IIs, they could be your cup of tea: great dynamics with deep bass, refined sound, transparent but never harsh, good looking (IMO) and not large as the Vandys. 
What Is Best Speaker for $8000 - $10,000, used ?
See here: