Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?


If money was of no importans what would you buy for a 16 sq well treated room?

Remember i have a amp that have digital eq so some magic can be done.

I know that most will say Guarneri Memento

But the thing is i have had the Gamut l3 speakers beforee ,and even if the do project wonderfull imagedes the just dont sound as dynamic as a floorstander
for all kinds of music i ended up not liking them much.

I know i have asked alot of qustians about sonus faber speakers but its just because im very very confused on wich one to get .

But this qustian is what it all comes down to.

Pleas spare with me


Sonus faber just introduced a new speaker which looks like the strativari.....i think its called "Elise" or something....maybe you want to consider this speaker as well....there are many way to reduce bass like speaker positioning or the material underneath the speaker,maybe some cables.....First find the speakers that are suitable for your room and then you will work your shouldnt be a problem...
Happy Listening
Hi the Elipse is not a good choice i think
its a completly new model
its more like a cremona with deeper bass

and its not build by the wizard him self mister Franco Serblin.

The cremona was actualy his last real creation before the stradaviari.

Derfor its the cremona or the anniversario because in the amati anniversario its still his designes working togheter

Who designed the Elipsa then? I heard it's nowhere near the Cremona because of a new tweeter, a new midrange, and a different woofer.
Mr. Serblin is involved with "Elipsa" as well, some 1 year ago (maybe more) he was listening-voicing and experimenting with the new paper-woodfibers midrange(in cooperation with scanspeak) which is the new variable for this new speaker and also is exclusive for Sonus Faber for 1year.
The rest recipe was already the there. The Strad's cabinet reduced size, minus one woofer and a newer better than Cremona's tweeter version.
I guess (not heard Elipsa yet) the very interesting part (regarding Cremona line) is the midrange (of course all the other parts are superior to Cremona series).

But for tda2200 this is not the right speaker, this baffle speakers needs even more space and width to play the best.

Tda220 you may even consider the Domus piano , but a second-hand or demo Cremona is a far better choice (with all restrictions for your room already told).