Best sound card s for Windows 7Pro

Getting into internet radio,finally...
The ESI JULI@ card has worked faultlessly and provided good sound via its SPDIF output under Window 7 Pro and JRiver. It has worked without any issues connected to a Musical Fidelity Trivista DAC, Marantz NS11S1 and BADA ALPHA DAC. The only drawback that I have found with Juli@ is its flimsy octopus like interface cable; the cable never really seems secure but it does work. I purchased mine a few years ago and now I am not sure if the Juli@ is still available for purchase. You may want to look at other current ESI offerings.
Zd, i have the idea digital is best to allow connection to to quality DAC for best sound..
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Zd, i have the idea digital is best to allow connection to to quality DAC for best sound.."

I agree. If you are going to use a separate DAC, there's no reason to get a sound card. All you need is a DAC with a USB input and is compatible with your OS.
I totally disagree. USB is the worse interface you can use. The sound card with spdif out will be much better. I have tried. not even close (unless you spend $1600 for the Berkeley USB to spdif converter).
Zd and Cerrot. Now I'm confused. To let you know my slowness on technical moves I'm stilling listening,quite happily, to my Lexican RT 20 (power conditioning and isolation provided mind bending improvement on audio; and the video of DVD's equals that of my newer Sony Blu Ray upconverting DVD's). I feel lucky to have bought when they were discontinued and price slashed. Techie I'm not. Hardly interested really; just want great music. Cheers.

I apologize, as this is probably my fault. Cerrot hates me from another thread. I don't know his intentions regarding this thread are genuine, or if he's just trying to get back at me.

Regardless. For computer audio, the vast majority of audiophiles use USB. Probably over 80%. Its considered the standard. They either get a USB DAC or a USB to SPDIF converter. Now, if Cerrot recommends getting a sound card and going SPDIF out on that, I don't see where that would be a bad sounding option either. In the end, you're doing the same thing. Like in other areas of audio, a well designed product will usually outperform a lesser design. So regardless of what connection you actually decide to go with, there will be good and bad sounding choices for every possible method.

It might not be a bad idea to call The Cable Company and have them send you a few options for you to try. But whatever you decide to do, you shouldn't have any problem finding a good sounding DAC, sound card or USB converter that doesn't cost a great deal of money.
I have a Dell XPS 9000 or something like that. Will a new sound card help the sound quality to my dac. I only know enough about computers to be dangerous but I thought you bypass the sound card when using a dac.