Best speakercables for ML reQuests

I´m looking for speakercables that will match my reQuest/McCormack DNA-1 deluxe combo.Has someone hooked up the reQuests with the following cables?:Kimber BiFocal XL,Tara Master or Audiotruth Argent (my current cables)I appreciate other recommendations as well.Thanks
I have older QuestZs powered by a pair of VTL deluxe 300s. Tried a bunch of cables including Monster, Cardas, and others. Settled on Transparent bi-wire (about $600). MLs can be very forward, the Transparent made the speakers more listenable/musical. Probably added distortions! but I liked the sound.
transparent is the best for the money. I have quest-z with krell 300fpb. other ones are sound king's 10 gauge speaker wire at 1.00/ft.