Best speakers for Opera.


Can you recomment the best speakers to listen to Opera?

price range about $3000.

Hi there I was at the show last week and heard a pair of speakers in which I had them play a cd of my favorite opera cd they really did a good job, the speakers are bosendorfer. They go for $12,000.

Legendary-Quad ESL 57s.

With the right amp, some voices can bring you to tears.

I will agree that electrostatics should be good for opera, as they are clean and nonresonant, as a class, in the vocal range. Quads are one good example, if you can live with the restricted dynamic range.

If you didn't want electrostatics, I would look into BBC-heritage speakers, such as those made by Harbeth, Stirling, Graham, and perhaps some of the Spendor models. Though they look old fashioned, they tend to have low coloration, and the design criteria include reproduction of the human voice.