best totem speaker

hello all, i own a pair of totem staff speakers that i use for two channel listening in a 15x25 open ended room i really enjoy my speakers, but im wondering what totem speaker is the most impressive all around (other than the winds. they are beyond my current budget)im open to column or compact speakers. i currently use a ss amp rated at 300 per channel and use a emotiva usp1, but would make a change to a tube preamp at the same time. any thoughts?thankyou for your insight and feedback.
I'd also be interested in the amount and kind of power it takes to make a given Totem model perform.

I have 50 tube watts, and I believe I can barely drive any of their floor models. I'd like to, though.
With a large solid-state amp, the Forests will work really well, but you should look into the Mani 2 as well. It is a really nice full-range speaker. If you like your music loud (I don't), the Mani 2's are the way to go.

Soundgasm, at the NY Audio Show, Vince B. demonstrated the Hawks with a 60/wpc Ayre integrated and they sounded excellent. I drove a pair with an 18/wpc tube amp and it worked fine, as long as you keep the volume within reason. (Disclaimer - I have a pair of Hawks up for sale right now)
I have pair of the Model ones,forests,winds and shamans. The detail in the winds and the shamans are outstanding. the forests
are good but they lack the bass but much better than the model ones.
If you can swing it the Winds are your best buy for the money but you wont be disappionted with the forest.
I had a pair of the mani 2's and they just didn't do it for
I will tell you that the Hawks and arro are made with different drivers than the other speakers I have taked about once you try the others you will see what I mean