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Sonos mod by Wyred4Sound or Empirical Synchromesh
It's still breaking in...Steve at Empirical says three days, and I'm not there yet. For reference, my digital front end is a Cullen/Wyred-modified Sonos player, into the synchromesh (replacing the DIP), feeding a Monarchy NM24 DAC, Classe 15 amp a... 
Sonos mod by Wyred4Sound or Empirical Synchromesh
Or do both. I have enjoyed the Cullen (now Wyred) Modification for a while now. I just added the Syncromesh, replacing a Monarchy 48/96 DIP Upsampler. Immediate improvement, right out of the box. 
Sophomore Slump? The best 2nd albums of all time
Even though you can't really call me a huge fan, but by any measure the Fleet Foxes second album is awesome. And it's awesome in the dimension that's hardest for bands to achieve: by doing an even better job of the exact same thing that the first ... 
the greatest pop song ever?
I'll agree it's like picking the most beautiful woman...and in the end, we all think that's the woman we are married to, or maybe have the most attachment to. Still, it's awfully nice to admire a new shape...One? Right this minute? 'I've Been Wait... 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
I'm with Paul. The Dead. There's not enough weed in the world to make them listenable. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
'11 Audi A3 2.0TSI Quattro. Don't need more of anything. 
What are your latest greatest Podcasts you dig?
it's worth hunting down and listening to every RadioLab ever made... 
Decware - any substance here?
I am indeed. 
Nearfield Upgrade?
my experience matches Andyk's. Aerial 5's up close are great. 
Speaker Recommendation for iDecco
I've had great results with both Rega RS5's and the much more sensitive Decware ERR's. 
Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
I've no experience with them, but today Peter Gabriel posted a photo on FB from the studio where he's mixing his new album. Featured prominently in the pic is a ginormous B&W speaker. 
Decware - any substance here?
Marty,they're very sensitive, but not unworkably so with the Decco. Ten o'oclock gets it to mid 90db's. Loud, and ready for more. 
Decware - any substance here?
Finsup,I received the ERR's today, after some delay over the holiday/new year. This won't be a full review since they're freshly set-up, but I wanted to get back with some information about this loudspeakers since it's a little bit scarce here.I o... 
my peachtree decco experience, your upgrade advice
I'll agree. I've got a Decco running some Rega RS5's along with a Gallo TR3 sub and it's mid-fi wonderful. I'm about to swap out the Regas (and maybe the sub?) for some Decware ERR's (if they ever arrive, that is) - it's my attempt at a WAF/design... 
Black-Eyed-Peas, the future of modern music?
hm. turns out Slash is Eric Stewart-short. the top hat works.