best totem speaker

hello all, i own a pair of totem staff speakers that i use for two channel listening in a 15x25 open ended room i really enjoy my speakers, but im wondering what totem speaker is the most impressive all around (other than the winds. they are beyond my current budget)im open to column or compact speakers. i currently use a ss amp rated at 300 per channel and use a emotiva usp1, but would make a change to a tube preamp at the same time. any thoughts?thankyou for your insight and feedback.
the hawks and forest are the "best" imo, hawks sound a bit warmer/musical.. bass on forest is tighter/deeper
This is wonderful info, thank you. Sorry to Moehoward for the hijack.

Chayro, thanks for your candor and first-hand experience.

My sense was about the same: Hawks maybe, Forests probably not...