Best travel destinations for audiophiles

Now we know what cars to drive, watches and jeans to wear, steaks to eat, wine, Scotch and cognac to drink.
Where would you go for couple of weeks on a moderate budget?
My first choice would be Andalucia, Southern Spain. Great flamenco music, sea, architecture.
The second choice could be Buenos Ayres, Argentina. Multicultural, again great and diverse music, sort of New York or Toronto of South America.
And the third choice might be nothern Chile with its unique nature or/and Greek islands in Aegean sea.
Inna, I don't know why you are asking here for advice since you have already picked out much better places.

Imagine, suggesting a place, any place really, within the culturally retarded USA? And after Andalucia and Buenos Aires have already been mentioned? Honestly, sometimes I wonder if audiogon USA members understand that their country is only about 5% of the world, they seem to think it's more like 500%...

Well, leaving those insular newts aside, you might add Barcelona to the list, get the Ocio weekly and pick out any of a dozen live performances every night. Same comment applies to Madrid. Ok, looks like I'm sending you to Spain! But South America is certainly worth it, if you go to Northern Chile you can cross over to Salta in Argentina, go to Valderrama, then southeast to Cordoba, then Buenos Aires.

On my to-visit list along these musical lines is Salzburg, Wien, then southward to Italia.