Best travel destinations for audiophiles

Now we know what cars to drive, watches and jeans to wear, steaks to eat, wine, Scotch and cognac to drink.
Where would you go for couple of weeks on a moderate budget?
My first choice would be Andalucia, Southern Spain. Great flamenco music, sea, architecture.
The second choice could be Buenos Ayres, Argentina. Multicultural, again great and diverse music, sort of New York or Toronto of South America.
And the third choice might be nothern Chile with its unique nature or/and Greek islands in Aegean sea.
China, for a ten week tour of all the factories making audiophile gear. They often give free samples and only charge you for shipping. You buy by the pound. Can I sign you up?
You said audiophiles, not music aficionados, so I would recommend Denver, Colorado, USA. About Oct. 14th-16th.

Amazingly, your trip would coincide with the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. An Audiophile Dream Vacation for sure......
Inna, I don't know why you are asking here for advice since you have already picked out much better places.

Imagine, suggesting a place, any place really, within the culturally retarded USA? And after Andalucia and Buenos Aires have already been mentioned? Honestly, sometimes I wonder if audiogon USA members understand that their country is only about 5% of the world, they seem to think it's more like 500%...

Well, leaving those insular newts aside, you might add Barcelona to the list, get the Ocio weekly and pick out any of a dozen live performances every night. Same comment applies to Madrid. Ok, looks like I'm sending you to Spain! But South America is certainly worth it, if you go to Northern Chile you can cross over to Salta in Argentina, go to Valderrama, then southeast to Cordoba, then Buenos Aires.

On my to-visit list along these musical lines is Salzburg, Wien, then southward to Italia.
I am not exactly or only asking for an advice. I am interested in opinions and other people's experiences. And perhaps I should've said "both for audiophiles and music lovers".
For a shorter music lover trip go to Monterey for the Jazz Festival and steep yourself in jazz for three days straight. If you like that kind of thing. Sometimes September is fog-free. Be sure you go to the Aquarium while you're there. Then take a day trip and drive to San Francisco and spend the day at Amoeba Records.
The Greek Isles make a fantastic vacation destination.
We are heading to Paris shortly for a ten-day visit. Right now I am listening to my French lessons while driving. Man I am excited about this trip.
Parisians can be quite rude to English speakers; don't take it too hard. As they say - France is for French.
For me, I'd like to go back East in the Fall and see the colors of the trees, then a tour of the mcIntosh factory in Binghamton N.Y.
Colors are great in Vermont Green Mountains and New Hampshire White Mountains. I lived in NH for a few years.
Hong Kong and Taipei.
1/ 2 consecutive weekends of Hi End shows, first in HK, then in Taipei the following weekend attracting the who's whos in Hi-End.
2/ Audiophile goodies galore. Hardware from all over the world. Many European products that we don't see here in the U.S. Software too! And deep discounts at Hi End shows.
3/ Dealers with amazing room set-up skills. Many of these dealers' show rooms are some of the most amazing rooms I've visited, sonically and aesthetically. No, I'm not talking about the front where they stack up every single piece of gear they sell. Each dealer usually has a listening room set up in the back.
4/ Food. More international than NYC or any South American cities. And usually available around the clock.

I told my wife that for my 40th birthday, I wanted to do the 2-week vacation in HK/Taiwan attending the Hi-End shows. But that didn't happen. I'll have to make up for it next year....

Taipei is an interesting idea. I heard stories about first rate bag ladies there but never about first rate dealers and audio shows. Well, apparently my information is a little outdated.
Parisians can be quite rude to English speakers; don't take it too hard. As they say - France is for French.

So I've heard. No big deal as we lived in Greece for a few years. The Greeks can seem offensively rude/brusk until you learn to accept it as part of their culture. The problem is it takes time to get used to it but as I expect it in Paris, I can handle it. I've visited quite a few European countries as well as Asia, but never made it to France, ooh la la.
BTW, I also lived in NH for a few years. Really enjoyed it there, beautiful state.
I would say Trebejo needs a guide to the culture that is uniquely American, or needs to pull his swollen head out of his proverbial arse. ;-) Perhaps start in New Orleans, then move up the Big Muddy to Memphis. From there the tour could go either on up to St. Louis and Kansas City, or turn east through Nashville and on to Atlanta. Some might want to venture north to Chicago, but my take is that those guys are all southern transplants anyway.

Nothing from America was ever regarded as culturally significant. Yeah, right.
In order
1. Cleveland
2. Chicago
3. Dresden
4. Amsterdam
5. Vienna
6. My listening room :)
Parisians can be quite rude to English speakers; don't take it too hard. As they say - France is for French.
My wife, son and I spent a week in Paris about 6 years ago (the year Floyd Landis temporarily won the Tour d'France). We were a little apprehensive given that oft-repeated warning. We found it to be "urban legend". My wife encountered one rude salesclerk at a small dress shop. Otherwise, all of the Frenchmen and women we interacted with were not at all condescending or impatient w our English or our somewhat crude attempts at French. One night I got almost completely thru ordering my dinner in French and finished w "por favor". My family near split a gut laughing, but the waiter didn't even blink. We are all very anxious to go back. Paris is a little more difficult than London for Americans but its well worth the effort. Just be aware that it can be VERY HOT in mid-summer and A/C is not nearly universal, but I'd go back in heartbeat.
Swampwalker, that's about what I expect to be the case. As a general rule, I believe people will treat you with the respect they feel they are given. At least that's been my experience.
My wife is texting me in French to which I respond in kind. Although I had to use the translator for the last one. Her last text translated as "I gild you." :)
"France is for French" is not an "urban legend" at all. And the rest, well, it depends, right.
Other places worth visiting?
Italy. I lived there two years in the 70's and didn't want to leave. The people were wonderful, as was the food. You can get anywhere cheap by just hopping on a train. Beautiful country.
You can take a train from the island of Sicily to most anywhere in Europe. The train drives right on to a ferry which connects to the mainland, then resumes it's trip. Trains are inexpensive, and the views are picture-book. An excellent idea for a trip would be to just ride the rails. Stop anywhere you please for as long as you please. Resume your trip in a day, or stay a week. Beautiful scenery, excellent people, fabulous food.
Anyplace I can find a good equipment and or vinyl store I can to mill through and buy one or both. Vinyl stores are easier to locate in my travels.