Best TT for the buck?

Hello everyone, This is my first post on the website as i have just become a member. I am fairly new to hifi audio and want to get a turntable. I want the audio quality to be very good, considering my price range that is and i am not opposed at all to going the used route and may even prefer it. My budget will be no more that 600 and trying to keep that to 500. All opinions are appreciated!
Thanks for any advice or help in advance. Ive already lost several hours on the website. its very addictive
I am looking forward to your experience with the new table. Can't wait to hear your review, I too am looking to seeing and hearing the vinyl spinning in my rig. It is tough living in hifi nirvana, but it is nice to be able to live vicariously through others experience.
Hey guys, set up my turntable yesterday, and I have to say I am impressed it absolutely blows away my digital sources such as my iPhone and 90's CD player that I really didn't use anyway. I'm actually listening to it as I type this out. GOOD STUFF. Thanks for all the comments guys.
Glad to see you are enjoying it. Sounds like you had the same reaction as me. I expected decent sound, but I was not prepared for how good my tt actually sounded.