Best Video? Denon 2910, Onkyo SP1000, Sony DVP999

I would like to buy a new DVD Player and would
like to know which of these has the best Video

Denon 2910
Onkyo SP1000
Sony DVP-NS999ES

Also, in what order would you rank these for
video quality.

I've had my 2910 for 3 months now and it's performed flawlessly on every format I've given it. Even certain dvd's that people have had problems playing in their 2910, I haven't had problems with. I was able to side by side the denon & Onkyo using a denon 3805 and samsung DLP tv in a dealers dedicated room, both of which I own, and couldn't tell the difference between the two players. I can't comment on the sony as there wasn't one hooked up at the time. Of course someone could say the onkyo's spec's are better and cost more, therefore it has to be better, but I couldn't see a $400+ difference. Just my humble opinion.