Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?

Howdy folks-

We’ll I’ve got the vinyl bug for sure. 6 months ago, I bought my first TT, a nice Technics 1200 GR along with some killer vintage MM carts like Audio-Technica, Stanton and a few Grace. I love my GR! I love that little silver bastard A LOT as a matter of fact. A couple weeks ago, my second table arrived, a minty fresh Luxman PD-444 from Japan. This is a Micro Seiki built TT and was the "tits" in the mid 70’s. I can mount 2 arms on the Luxman. I’ve got a nice Victor 7045 arm coming soon along with a Victor X-1IIe MM cart which work quite well together.

I’d like to add another Vintage TT from the 70’s or 80’s and probably phase out the GR. I like the look of the old Pioneer, Denon and Victor tables. I’d like to get a vintage table that can be serviced if needed, something I can add a sweet vintage arm too. 3 arms are better than two!

I’d like to hear suggestions and comments on some fantastic, cool as crap, vintage turntables that you think should sit next to the Luxman.

Thanks again for your help!


The only problem is LewM doesn’t own a p3. He used to lust after one, but he is now very happy with what he has. However, if some day Lew’s audiophile angel were to descend from heaven and present Lew with a p3, Lew would be ecstatic. Unfortunately, Lew does not believe in angels.
Just reconditioned a late 1970s Pioneer table with dual motors to separate the many auto functions from the drive to the platter.  Massive and heavy.  Put a brand new ShureV15 type III cartridge on and ran it thru 120 Watts of Harmon Karden into new Bose 901s.  It definitely caught the 70s sound and was full and mellow.  The direct drive snyced up very well for perfect timing and speed.  Auto lift function can be set for size of disc you are playing from the full 10" to 45s and was smooth and quiet as it worked.  
Very nice if that is what you want.  After serviceing and listening I bought a Rega P-6 with Orotophon 2M Bronze cart and gave the tt to a friend.  40 years of technology just blow that old stuff away.
I agree, the PL-70II or P-10, i wish i could find one. They are so nice compared to modern Pioneer’s crapy turntables, the best ever MM cartridge designed for this Pioneer tonearm is PC-1000 mkII (Beryllium cantilever). Here is PC-1000 mkII MM on Pioneer P-3 turntable with removed wooden plinth, look what’s inside. Lewm’s favorite P-3 with coreless motor is amazing, read more about it.

PL-70-II is much cheaper alternative, but i would give them my prize for design.

P.S. All info about the cartridge:

I have owned the Exclusive P3 for almost 10 years of perfect fault free performance. One of the best tables ever made. The Technic s EPC100 EPC mk4 is an amazing cart as well, although the suspension is fragile.
I'm not sure I'd call it the "best", but when I was looking for a turntable with auto shut off, I found a Realistic Lab 440.  It's a very nice table and fully automatic.  It was a little fussy when I first got it, but the shop I bought it from went back through it and it has performed flawlessly since.  I have better turntables, but this one is good enough that it spent some time in my main system and was very enjoyable.
During that time, I bought the only DD turntable I ever owned, a Goldmund Studio.  I still use it fairly frequently and it has never broken, although I do treat it and the later T3F arm like fragile old ladies in order to increase their life.