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Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
I must admit another bias against Roon-more equipment and subscription/monthly payment required.  That aspect would bother me I felt the same way for a long time and tried some free and inexpensive apps to use for streaming.  I was always a lit... 
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
You might be able to find a pre-owned Rockna Wavedream DAC and pair that with an affordable streamer like Roon Nucleus  within your budget.  That would give you a killer combo.  You can always upgrade the Nucleus to the Wavedream NET when budget a... 
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
Yes.  I bought my KEF Reference 1 speakers without hearing them.  I did however have the opportunity to return them if I didn't like them and had heard other KEF models prior.  I still have them and don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.    
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
When working from home I listen to KNKX on a Magnum Dynalab Ft-101a Etude tuner.  Sound quality is close to CD with my roof antenna, even though I'm about 40-50 miles from the tower.  Not all FM broadcasts are equal, but if there's a good one in y... 
Table,cartridge,phono...where to put most of my money?
It may depend on other factors.  I have 4 subwoofers in my room and there's a lot of bass energy..  Priority one is to have a table that won't be (or will be minimally) affected by the bass.  My Sota Sapphire is a champ in that department.  I've h... 
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
Audeze LCD-4 are my best, but the Sony MDR-Z1R are a very close second for a lot less money.  
Rythmik or REL Subs to pair with Totem Element Metal V2?
Rythmik all the way.  More for less is better, and more subs are better.  You're paying a lot extra in dealer markup for REL vs. buying direct from Rythmik.    
Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome
At your budget level I suggest throwing the Parks Waxwing into the mix.  The Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena is a good choice if you can find a used one.  
How to connect susb to my system
Something like this can address the impedance issue -    
How to connect susb to my system
I missed the part about you having 2 subs.  Same answer, just use the Main 2 outputs, connect one to Main R, the other to Main L.  This is your answer.  I have 4 complete systems, all have subwoofers.  One system has an ARC LS 26, similar outputs... 
Ultrasonic cleaning
I use Klaudio's ultrasonic machine and distilled water and that suffices for the vast bulk of my LPs. Same here.  I still have my VPI 16.5 that gets used for really dusty/dirty used records.    
How to connect susb to my system
Main out 2, preferably the XLR.  Right or left, doesn't matter.  
Still looking for a new Moving Coil Cartridge
There have been a lot of different cartridge recommendations but no one is telling me they will make my rock records sing.  Does anyone have first hand experience in the cartridges recommended with rock music?   What does "make my rock records ... 
Still looking for a new Moving Coil Cartridge
I have a Zu Denon DL103 that came with a turntable I bought.  It sounded awful and I was going to throw it away, but decided to send it to Andy Kim to see if he could bring it back to life.  Boy, did he ever!  I have a Hana SL and it's a very nic... 
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
I've been through a number of DACs. Different chips, SS, R2R, tube buffers, etc. They all have their own sound. The bits might all be the "same", but how they get converted to digital is different and sounds different.  You may not be able to tel...