Best Wall-Mountable Speakers

I'm looking to install a system into my bedroom. It's not a very large room - maybe the total square footage of five queen-size matresses fit together. I can't use built-in speakers because the clearances are very small, so wall-mountables would be best. I haven't determined the associated components yet - I prefer to pick a speaker and build a system around it. I like to listen to vocals, accoustic guitar, and classical music. I'm willing to spend up to $2k, though I'd like to spend around $1k. I've read about the PSB minis - but does anyone have any other good suggestions?
B&W makes a wall mountable version of the Nautilus 805.Probably around $2000. Great speaker.
Thiel recently came out with a line of wall-mountable speakers. I'm not sure what the prices are, but I've heard that they are better than anything else out there.
I'd seriously consider the new Sonus Faber "Wall" model. The cabinet is about the same size as the concerto's, and they sound amazing. Definitely worth a demo, i think they can be had for $1000-1200. Good luck!
B&W Also makes a wall mounted CDM version also. I think they were intended for home theater, but they are full range I think. You can also wall mount any of their small bookshelf speakers such as the 601 ($450 list) and 302 ($250 Stereophile recommended !!!). Both are excellent value for the money.