Wall mountable, Circular Transmission Line Speaker

Sometime last year, I saw a post either here or possibly at AudioAsylum concerning a wall mountable transmission line speaker. If I remember correctly, it was relatively flat against the wall and it had a single driver speaker mounted in the middle of a large (maybe 4'X4') panel. Inside of the 4" thick cabinet, there was a transmission line that was in a circular pattern starting behind the single driver and extending out to the edges.

Does anyone remember this design and can you point me to the web page with the photos? I've searched here, AudioAsylum and Google, but I can't find it.

Of course, it is possible that I'm searching with the wrong key words. It is possible that the speaker is not a transmission line at all and I'll never find it using that as a key word.

Thanks for any information.

Well, I think I found it.


Check it out! Anyone heard these?

Thanks and Enjoy,

The Cornu is a spiral multi-cellular horn speaker design.
It is not a transmission line system.

It has the advantages of using the wall boundary to good effect, as well as providing the rear-horn reinforcement of the lower frequencies(which is needed in the Lowther and most other single-driver designs).

I have not tried it myself, but it looks interesting.
Damn! I thought I invented that. I never got around to building one, but I bet that the spiral configuration would reflect Fibonacci numbers.