Best way to connect multiple amps to one DAC using RCA's?

Can anyone recommend some kind of splitter that would maybe come off the RCA outs of my PerfectWave II that would allow me to hook up three to four different headphone amps at the same time, as well as my integrated speaker amp? On the other hand, would that somehow degrade the sound by lessening the signal to each amp by splitting it up too many ways?

 My setup:

Computer JRiver 22 -> PS Audio Perfect Wave II 2.4.3 -> 

       -> Parasound Halo -> KEF LS50

       -> Icon Audio HP8 MKII and/or Lyr and/or multiple other amps.


I do have pre-outs and RECORD outs on the Parasound Halo that could send signal to a couple amps but that would be like adding another middleman to the equation and wouldn't be as direct of signal as straight out of the DAC.

I think I will go with these and daisy chain them together off the back of my DAC.

That will give me three outputs direct from my DAC from a solid adapter, without "Y" wires, (which could degrade or decrease signal?). Then I also have the RECORD out and Pre-outs from the back of my Parasound Halo that I could utilize.

Or, I guess I could just get a couple more of the hard adapters then I would have four outputs direct from the DAC from a solid adapter, all without "Y" wires.

That might be an option, however it's specs are debatable...

Input Impedance  10 K Ohm

Max Input Level  +12 dBV

Output Impedance  470 Ohm

Max Output Level  +12 dB

Max Gain  20 dB

S/N Ratio  >90db

Cross Talk  -70 dB (stereo)

Frequency Response  DC - 60 kHz, +/- 1 dB

THD  <.008%

Power  15 VDC

(H x W x D)

6.5” (17.15 cm) x 3.5” (8.89 cm) x 1.5” (3.81 cm)


I kinda like the idea of just using the hard adapters as a passive device, no wires, and maybe less likely to alter the signal?

I just emailed the DAC manufacturer to see if splitting the output signal four ways would adversely affect the signal as well.

DirectStream’s output impedance is a fairly low 296 ohms and would have no trouble driving two amps who’s input impedance’s greater than 33kohm each.

Using this type to split the signal from the PS Audio.

Cheers George

Using this type to split the signal from the PS Audio.
Are you splitting to two amps, or more? The splitter I mentioned in the OP may allow larger interconnects due to not being side-by-side.
It would be interesting to hear others solution to splitting the DAC signal to multiple headphone amps (3-4), plus an integrated amp.