Best Way to stream YouTube, Vimeo, and other Subscribed Channels

Hi everyone,

I am an avid watcher of YouTube, Vimeo, and other Classical Music subscribing services through my laptop.   Storing music on a server doesn’t help my cause.  

I have been streaming from my laptop to my system.  While it sounds very good but it isn’t a wow.  The quality of my system should wow me every night.  Streaming from my computer to Oppo then to the DAC gave it an Oppo sound which is just bloated and less neutral.  
What component(s) can I use to stream from YouTube, Vimeo, and other web based programs? Currently, my VAIO goes to Aqua Formula xHD via USB through the newest Intona isolator to Pass Int-30A.  My speakers are Devore Gibbon X.  
I think I can run USB to Esoteric Disc players then to the DAC also through USB.  But I don’t know if going through such a CD player would bring the wow to the system.  

Hello, if you want to get the audios from YouTube, Vimeo and other sources, here I would like to introduce a tool that I had used to you. It is an Audio Capture Software Windows, which can rip the audios from music streaming services, video sites, local music players, etc. with high quality. Then you can listen to the audios anywhere and anytime.