beta 360's for my fronts and center channels?

I am designing a new room in my house and I have limited room for speakers so I have to remain small, like bookshelf size for my front's and rears. I am planning to use a center channel beta 360 for the fronts and centers with a beta 10 bookshelf up high in the corners of the front area with 3 beta 20's for the rear surround and rear center channels. I have a 1000 watt yamaha downward firing sub that may or may not do much in my 1000 square foot room. The actuall theater portion of the room is 350 but all of one side is open to the rest of the sq/footage. I will be driving it all with a yama rx3300, and monster cable z1 with soldered tips in bananna clips. I chose the speakers because I have a history with infinity and I like going to harmon direct and picking them up cheap in auction.
let me know if I can get by with this configuration for mostly movies, and occasional music with moderate volume levels. I know from past posts that because I have to run my rears down one side all together that I will have to make the wires all the same length. what type of solder is best? it is my first time soldering speaker wiresl. I just thought it would be a good idea to ovoid oxygenation of the copper ends.