Beware purepower inc

Trading with Purepower can be dangerous ...
I bought a PurePower 1050 Black HS code 8504.40.90 on 11/16/2011, invoice # 739 for $1497.
After 4 months, the unit stopped working : in fact the performances had never been by far those claimed by Purepower. After contacting the management Damian, I shipped back the unit (under warranty), received in Air on 04/24/2012. They told me that the maintenance should not last more than one or two months and that they would ship it back free of charges.
In fact I have never got my unit back : I called them more than ten times ; they always say 'he unit leaves by USP today...', but nothing. Finally, I believe they are not capable of sorting out the problem and that this is a con. I would not at all recommend these products and the team who is not reliable.
I believe that Walter of Underwood is working with PurePower AVPS in Taiwan currently, not the Canadian company. I tend to trust Walter's judgments in things like this.
The answers to the questions and speculations about this topic have been fairly well covered in the cables section of the forum entitled purepower what are your thoughts?Yes ,in the cable section,who know's why?
The NY State op is associated with the Canadian company. US Customers are asked to ship to the NY address. They then shipped or trucked over to Canada as internal transfer, bypassing the need to go through customs.

Time for me to call them again. Hopefully I'll get an answer this time.