Bi-Wire Cables under $350 (Used or New)

Hi All: I am assembling my first system, and believe I am settling into my current setup for the (short) haul (assuming I’m ready to level up in about 2-3 years). my

Current System: Hegel 190 Integrated paired with the new Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G. Temporarily using some Amazon bi-wire Speaker Cables (CESS-106-6f Bi-Wire 2-4 Banana 12 Gauge, 2-Channel (6 Feet)).

Recommendations Requested: 2 or 3 Suggested Bi-Wire Cable Brands and Models, used or new, under $350.  Qualities: They DON’T add sibilance/treble further, but for perhaps "deepen" and perhaps add some further "clarity" .

Are these the right descriptors? I don’t know. I do know that I cannot tell what (now) what a low Zo (characteristic impedance) sounds like (see link below) and nor do I have the budget at the moment to spend 1000s to chase marginal gains on this system.






If 5 feet works for you I have a pair of DH Labs Q-10 bi-wired double run you could try.  Essentially a shotgun pair w/spades on amp end and banana plugs on speaker ends all factory terminated.

+1 on the Canare 4S11 and Duelund options.

I was very happy with my Canare speaker cables, though I switched from those to Supra Quadrax (also within the $350 budget with reasonable connectors), and I have not regretted it.