Bi wiring or bi amping NHT VT-3s

Anyone currently bi wiring or biamping thier VT-3s? Benefits? Very interested in learning what cables, splitter, and power amps were used. I am currently driving a pair w/ a single channel each from a B&K amp, and Belden 1810 speaker cable.
well you'd have to try. They're already actively amping the bass on their own. At best you're biamping the mids/tweeters. This could potentially give you a bit better dynamic attack in that reigion. Again, you'd have to try. Also, every speaker with a passive crossover(yours has one) reacts differently to bi-amping sonically. You could change your tonal balance, possibly for better, possibly for worse..even if it's more dynamic in the upper registers.
Actually, you'd have the best dynamics from actively amping all teh drivers, but not reasonable for those speakers likely.
Bi-wiring might add something, but probably not as big a change as biamping. You'd have to try.
If you're really curious, as most audiphiles should be, so they can REALLY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR SYSTEMS(most enthusiests are looking for a "quick fix answer" to get some audio nirvana...doesn't work that way, sorry.), then you should try all of the above for yourself.
Otherwise, the VT3's are already stronger than most any passive full range audiphile speaker by alot!!! You might try bi-wire, then Biamp to check. Otherwise, what will you know from reading?...very little
I agree. This is why the idea of second MF looked to me very appealing. It would double the power and I would not have problems with different gains and impedances. MF is actually dual mono amp. I would technically have 4 mono amps to do both vertical and horizontal bi-amping.