Biamping with 2 spare channels on 7 channel amp?


I'm about to get a sunfire 7 channel amp for my 5.1 system, which consists of Nautilus 804's for front LR. I was wondering if there was a sensible way of using the spare 2 channels I'm not using to "biamp" the Nautilus'?

Unfortunately I'm new to biamping and not sure of how to do it, or what the possibilities are. The 804's have 2 pairs of binding posts for the mid/upper parts and the sub (currently linked).

Do I just split the signal coming from the L or R output of the pre/pro (currently a Marantz SR7000 - to be replaced when I'm feeling rich again) into the spare amp channel and then run both channels separately to the speaker? It seems like I may loose a lot of signal quality doing that... If that isn't the sensible/best way of doing it, I'd appreciate some pointers.

Jotter: You've got it right. You simply split the signal coming out of the L/R preamp jacks and feed them to the four channels that you would like to use. Obviously, you HAVE to remove the jumper from the speakers' binding posts or "KA-BlOOEY".

If i recall correctly, some of the Sunfire amps actually have RCA jacks that allow "feed-through" from one channel to another. This allows you to run one interconnect from your left preamp channel down to the amp and then another interconnect from the "feed-through" into another channel of the amp. In Pro Sound reinforcement, this is called "daisy chaining" channels. Before trying something like this, would consult the manual and / or call Robert at Sunfire technical support. Sean

I wouldn't be too concerned about signal degradation. You should try to split the signal as close as possible to the amp (minimizing the post-split cable runs).

Let us know your results. I've got N804s that I'm considering bi-amping, but I don't know which is better, spending money on four good channels of amp., or two REALLY good channels of amp.