big screen tv eeprom flashing

I am curios to know if anyone is familiar with flashing the eeprom on their tv. I have a mitsubishi ws55411 and want to reduce some of the red push on the component inputs?
Any info is appreciated.
I would get an ISF calibration. For the ~$450 it costs - well worth fixing all of the other things that are more out of adjustment than the "red push". I though I had red push also, but in reality once the set was adjusted - the red was pretty close. There is really no simple way to explain how to adjust the set - there are several adjustments that affect the level of red... I would make sure the set is mechanically focused, as this was the biggest issue with my set. Don't try anything in the menus unless you are SURE of what you are doing - will stress the set and you can potentially get the set in a condition where it will not turn on... You can get the names of the local calibrators at the ISF website...