Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby - New on HDtracks

Has anyone tried the new hi-rez verson of Waltz for Debby on HDTracks - at either 24/96 or 24/192. I am currently using the remastered Complete Village Vanguard Records 1961 CD that was released in 2005 for my digital versions of Waltz for Debby and Sunday at the Village Vanguard. Has anyone compared that CD version to the new hi-rez version? The remastered Complete Village Vanguard versions are pretty special. The question is whether the original recording has the resolution to warrant the hi-rez versions and how much the new versions improve on the already high quality of the remastered set. Anyone done the comparison yet? Any comparison to vinyl releases would also be of interest. I'll probably just download the hi-rez versions anyway - just looking for feedback for anyone who already has the hi-rez versions.
My opinion, way over done. I realize this is a fabulous work, but let it rest now. I would love to see much ignored work get there proper due.The problem seems that once the audiophile community hops on board. They never let up until they drown us with an over abundance of remastered disc of the same works.
I don't have another version handy to compare, but suffice to say that in my system, the 192/24 files are outstanding. I actually don't own an LP of that release, but have many other Bill Evans LPs and I can't imagine anyone would be disappointed in this release. I can compare my redbook version if it is important to you, but this doesn't sound anything like a redbook file, which is why I haven't compared. I'm using the PWD/bridge.
Emailists - Thanks. Sounds like it is worth giving it a try.

Schipo - seeking out higher quality versions of old favorites and seeking out new artists are not mutually exclusive. Well done high rez can be much better than existing CDs. It can be a lot more than just another remaster. A similar situation exists for Blu Ray versus DVD. I will not replace all my DVDs, but I will for my favorite movies tht I am likely to watch a lot. If you simply dismiss the new high rez tracks, I think you will be missing out. But that is your choice.
Relatedly, I never got the fascination with Waltz for Debbie. It's a good track, sure, but if I were to pick a favorite track and album from Bill Evans, it'd be Little Lulu on Trio 64. Sounds pretty amazing to me over Tidal hi-res.
That album kills me...I have a nothin' special vinyl recent version that sounds clean, but the charm of the crowd sounds and a strange live mix is just cool and allows me to imagine that scene...Lafaro's bass...whew...It sort of proves to me that the music, if it's great, transcends the sound.