Birdland Odeon Lite

Does anyone know how it compares to the older Assemblage DAC's or the Sonic Frontiers TransDAC? Also just as importantly, is it easily modifiable like the TransDAC as I'm having trouble finding pertinent information at it relates to the Birdland
No one has experience with this DAC? Maybe not even a direct comparison to Assemblage but just an overall impression/experience as it related to other products you've owned
Very warm sounding DAC, I am using it with my Rega Saturn. Very warm sounding and detailed. Not like the Arcam DAC I have now purchased to go wireless. The Arcam is very bright, I hope it goes away with time. The Birdland keeps all the information there, but has a very vinyl-like quality sound to it IMO. Reminds me of when I used to play my records on my family's RCA. Hope that helps.