Biwire Spk. Cable & Inter. Advice

Need suggestions for speaker cable(biwire) for Vandersteen 2CE's and RCA interconnect cable to run from my Muse 2 to my DVD player(Pioneer DV 05) which I am using until I buy a dedicated transport. My budget is 500-700 on the speaker cable and 200-300 on the interconnect, any help from you Vandy owners or others will be greatly appreciated. By the way I am using an Acurus A250 amp. Thank you for your help. Rick
In my experience, it's better to budget more for interconnect, than for speaker cable. It's better to have the interconnect one or more performance levels above the speaker cable, in order to get the most out of everything downstream from it (amp, speaker cable, etc.). In my system using a Krell amp, I like the MIT 330 Shotgun proline, with the cheap Terminator 2 speaker cable, even better than with the corresponding 750 Shotgun speaker cable.
Vandy's tend to be a smooth neutral speaker that never offends over any part of the audio spectrum. For a speaker like this ( I had an old pair of 1's), I think you might like a Tara Labs Prime 500 bi-wire, with RSC Prime, Master, or Reference interconnects for a smooth, detailed, and well extended top and bottom. These interconnects out-perform Straightwire Maestro's, Kimbers, Nordost's (mid-end) in every system I've compared them in....and they are generally cheaper. Give em a will be surprised and you'll save a few bucks.