Black Keys

I've heard a few Black Keys songs on the radio station and I really like their sound. I'd like to know a little more about them, such as who you'd compare them to, style of music, etc. I see they have some stuff they've released on vinyl. What albumns are worth checking out and how is the sound quality of their stuff. Thanks.
I would stick to there first release 'The Big Come Up', it's a greasy, sludgey bluesy mix - sound quality is a lot more clever than an average audiophile would grasp - it sounds really huge at times. They seem to really get a heavy vintage sound like you hear on early John Lee Hooker & Lightnin' Hopkins records. The only thing is that I think they are a bit of a one trick pony and after awhile I just skip there stuff and put on some old Muddy.
I would disagree somewhat with calling them"a bit of a one trick pony".I have six LPs by them on vinyl "The Big Come UP" (white vinyl),"Thickfreakness","The Rubber Factory",Magic Potion","Chulahoma" and "Attack & Release".The albums show a continuity and pattern of growth.Chulahoma on Fat Possum is an LP of straight covers of Junior Kimbrough who served as inspiration to Dan Auerbach (guitar,vocals).There's a DVD of live material which shows what an incredible amount of sound can be generated by two guys.The new LP Attack & Release is half speed mastered,and comes with full CD of the album enclosed for those who have use for it.The new LP is a slight departure from the road they have been on.Outside production by Danger Mouse and less overt blues emphasis.Would I put them aside for Muddy? Sure,but you can't listen to Muddy and Kid Prince Moore all day.These guys impressed me with their first LP and I kinda like having some young turks around carrying on the tradition with covers of Robert Pete Williams,Eddie Cochran,Kimbrough and even Lennon mcCartney as well as their own contributions.
try the band 'back door slam' if you are a fan of taste, free, hendrix, etc
Yes, The new BK is great-musically and sound quality wise. I would classify their sound as Bluesy Ultra cool rock. I also have their all LPs and Cds. They are anything but 'one Trick pony'.

But, even if they are wow what a great one trick pony that is.