Black Keys

I've heard a few Black Keys songs on the radio station and I really like their sound. I'd like to know a little more about them, such as who you'd compare them to, style of music, etc. I see they have some stuff they've released on vinyl. What albumns are worth checking out and how is the sound quality of their stuff. Thanks.
I would stick to there first release 'The Big Come Up', it's a greasy, sludgey bluesy mix - sound quality is a lot more clever than an average audiophile would grasp - it sounds really huge at times. They seem to really get a heavy vintage sound like you hear on early John Lee Hooker & Lightnin' Hopkins records. The only thing is that I think they are a bit of a one trick pony and after awhile I just skip there stuff and put on some old Muddy.
I would disagree somewhat with calling them"a bit of a one trick pony".I have six LPs by them on vinyl "The Big Come UP" (white vinyl),"Thickfreakness","The Rubber Factory",Magic Potion","Chulahoma" and "Attack & Release".The albums show a continuity and pattern of growth.Chulahoma on Fat Possum is an LP of straight covers of Junior Kimbrough who served as inspiration to Dan Auerbach (guitar,vocals).There's a DVD of live material which shows what an incredible amount of sound can be generated by two guys.The new LP Attack & Release is half speed mastered,and comes with full CD of the album enclosed for those who have use for it.The new LP is a slight departure from the road they have been on.Outside production by Danger Mouse and less overt blues emphasis.Would I put them aside for Muddy? Sure,but you can't listen to Muddy and Kid Prince Moore all day.These guys impressed me with their first LP and I kinda like having some young turks around carrying on the tradition with covers of Robert Pete Williams,Eddie Cochran,Kimbrough and even Lennon mcCartney as well as their own contributions.