Blank audio cassettes ARE still made, even in the United States

I bought some bought haven't tried them yet. Need to get the cassette deck worked on yet.

National Audio in Springfield Missouri is the manufacturer.

They have three types of blank cassettes.


Sorry Elliot, I misunderstood you. I thought you were selling BLANK tapes. Now I realize you're speaking of pre-recorded tapes. Woops.

ATR Magnetics makes and sells cassettes here in the US. They are selling off their Ampex ATR service division- there is an announcement about that on their home page- don't be put off by it.

Thanks for the input atmasphere.

I just yesterday received a nice vintage Harman Kardon TD 4800 cassette deck.

I've wanted one for years and finally scored it. This deck sounds SWEET, even with a 40 year old prerecorded tape.

I've been researching the best types of blank tapes to buy. Of course there's many opinions and most differ. One thing I have learned is that a cobalt tape is of very high quality. I'll definitely try out the ATR offerings.

BTW, just tried to order direct from ATR. The Silver series tapes are available from them. The Gold series tapes are sold out. I believe I have found a source for the Gold series at Lunchbox Audio:

I ordered two 5 packs of the Gold series from them.

Thanks again for the heads up.

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