Blu Ray player-- Too many options

I am in the market for a Blu Ray player. I have ordered a mid level Yamaha AV receiver so was thinking that maybe the Yamaha player would be the best way to go. However in doing some research that doesnt seem to be the best bang for the bucks. Sems like too many choices to sort thru
I would like Netflex streaming and Pandora may be nice for my daughter. Basically I want a great picture, easy to use and set up and a price under $400. I will not use this to play cds or sacds.
Any good ideas??
Do you care about DVD upconversion? If not, then picture quality will be essentially identical on blu-ray and you can shop purely based upon features and price.
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PS3 -- Netflix streaming at 1080p with no disk, upscales DVDs very well and gives you free firmware updates with new features and capabilities.
Damn... As I own an Oppo BDP-83SE (899$ new) and having it attain class A status in sterophile magazine, I would love to recommend it's brother the BDP-83 (499$ new) (basically the same thing but without the fancy DACs, which you won't need cause your yamaha is doing the decoding..)

However, it does not easily play lossless file formats off of USB sticks, and sadly, it does not play netflix or pandora... It doesn't really play well with the internet... I must admit that I do wish it could play netflix..

The BDP-83/SE/NuForce Edition are no longer made. The successor BDP-93 and BDP-95 apparently have and will have, respectively, superior sonics in their price class versus the older models as well as improved file compatibility and Netflix.
got a new Yamaha rxa 1000 processor so decided to get the matching blu ray to have 1 remote...sweet