Blue Sound Vault vs Aria Oppo 105 Kit.

Anyone have any experiance with the Blue Sound vault, or the Aria Oppo 105 Kit? Was planning on the Aria Oppo kit, then heard about the Blue Sound Vault. Like the idea of a completely stand alone unit, plus they just upgraded to a 2 TB drive at no extra cost. I would send the Blue Sound digital out to my Oppo, then the Oppo balanced outs to a Sherbourn PT-7030 balanced in.
I own the Vault and a companion Node. I use the Vault to rip my CD collection , download and store hi-rez audio (HD Tracks) and distribute it all to a house system and the Bluesound Node. The Node is used for my 2 channel system (see system pics). I run the Nodes digital stream directly into a Mac C2500 which acts as a DAC as well as a pre-amp. Technically I could , and have run the Nodes RCA directly into the ML amp. The Nodes DAC is not quite there with the Mac, but for its price point, it's pretty darn good. All in all, I have been very satisfied with the Bluesound stuff and the convenience of the interface controlling the world of music through my collection + Spotify + Tidal with my iPad is terrific. I know you want to run balanced, but I bet the Vaults DAC is pretty close to the Oppo. I also have an Oppo 95 in my home theatre. Good luck and let me know if I can help further.
How do you like the Bluesound app? Wondering how it compares to the aria (which looks an awful lot like river