Bluesound Node 2i Question

Just bought and set-up a Node 2i.  Set-up was real a pain, but after that, it works great and sounds pretty good.  My question is about streaming. We set it up with BluOS on an Ipad.  The Node is connected directly to my amp via analog RCA.

Is the music streaming from my router to the Node, or is it streaming from my Ipad to the Node?    I would have expected to enter my router password, and this was not required in the set-up process.
Ethernet cable hardwired to the router was not feasible in my case.  We are using blueteeth, so I have a feeling its streaming from my ipad.  

The user interface is just fine in my opinion.  The only problem I see with the unit is the blue light staring at me. I might need to duct tape it.  
I dont have my node anymore or else I would look through the app and help you get it configured to your wifi. Perhaps mental could chime in. 
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@tbevan - since you are not using ethernet...

To see your various settings try the following...
  1. Click on the icon that looks like three small horizontal bars at the top left of the Bluesound player screen
  2. go to "Settings" menu item (at the bottom) and under the heading MUSIC LIBRARY you should see the "Network Shares" identified - i.e. if a NAS drive has been setup.
  3. if you have a network share setup AND you are using the Bluesound App to select/play songs then you are connected to you network and you are streaming via the Bluesound App via your network
  4. OTHERWISE - select the "Player" menu item
  5. you will then see the "WiFi" settings - you should be asked to provide a password - i.e. IF your network is secure
  6. if the Wifi is not setup - Configure your WiFi and then you will be streaming via your network
  7. OR - from the Settings screen, you can set Bluetooth to "Manual" or "Disable" which enables you to activate/deactivate manually or Disable Bluetooth in the Player App altogether
The other option is to simply turn off Bluetooth on your iPad and if the Node 2 stops playing music it would be streaming from yout iPad.

The Bluetooth option on the Bluesound when in automatic mode will simply allows it to show up and be selectect from your Bluetooth device - like your iPad.

If you are still uncertain contact Bluesound support - they are very good

Hope that helps