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Portable DAC/Headphone Amp Recommendations
Quedelix 5k or Cayin Ru6 would be my choice for small portable dac/amps.  
Dual mono integrated amps
At the time I owned the Kinki I also had a Simaudio i3.3 as well as the Primare. When comparing them to the Kinki, both amps sounded bigger, more dynamic and much more effortless. I was not super impressed with the build quality either, my volume ... 
Dual mono integrated amps
+1 for the i-30. liked it better than the Kinki. I’ve moved on to a much more expensive dual mono integrated from Audia Flight but the Primare has to be one of the best amps for the money on the used market.  
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
My Audia Flight integrated allows me to set the gain and balance for each input.  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Estelon Extreme’s look super cool but as Roxy said, I much prefer classic old school box speakers. Proac Studio 3’s are my favorite….simply gorgeous.  
Missing Members
Charcoalchuck= miller(chuck) carbon( charcoal)….good one! Welcome  back.  
Pass INT-25 better than Wilsenton R8?
+1 tablejockey….what a bunch of nonsense  
LSA 20 Statement Speakers
I briefly had a pair of the original LSA statements. As others have said the enclosures were horrible. The cheap veneer was splitting everywhere on both speakers. Hopefully the new ones are better. The sound was just ok but not great. Never unders... 
Can Anyone Identify The Make of this Preamp
I believe the Red Rose Affirmation integrated was a rebadged/modified amp from a Chinese company called Dusson. Either the v6i or v8i.  
Looking for a warm sounding amp or integrated with a torodial transformer
Here are a few of the warmest sounding amps  that I’ve owned that use toroidal transformers. Each had their strength and weaknesses. After trying these as well as many others i’ve settled on Audia Flight. Great amps if you can find one.   Primar... 
About users with hidden agendas
@mapman….thats exactly right. Claiming the product is the end all be all for everyone regardless of the situation. Turns out the Schiller in question has just listed his holy grail and moved on to greener pastures. Can’t say I didn’t see that comi... 
Who uses ADS Speakers
Have owned the following: l980, l1530, l620, l710, sat 7, s700, l9e and l8e. L980 and the l9e are my favorite, would love to hear the big 2030’s.  
Looking for feedback on either the Musical Fidelity M3i of Simaudio Moon i3
+3 for Moon. Had the i3.3 and upgraded to the i7. In many ways I prefer the sound of the i3.3.  
Recommendations Please: Bookshelf Speakers no Larger than 7"x12"x8"
ADS L400  
Need some advice, Vincent Audio
I have owned several well reviewed integrated amps in the 2-4K range from Yamaha, Wells Audio, Hegel, Primare, Kinki Srudio and a few others and Vincent was a real standout. I’ve owned the 236 mk, 226 mk and the 237 and liked the 237 the best. Li...