BlueSound Node 2i to Niam NAP 100

I am thinking of the following configuration:  BlueSound Node 2i connecting directly to a Niam NAP 100.  Is this feasible? advisable?  What should  I expect with that combination?

Nice option...I have a Vault, Node and PowerNode!  Great performers for the Vault comes very close to my SACD playback source.  The Powernode is actually very impressive as well...could possibly compete with your Naim...eliminates a connection and simplifies your signal path!
Thanks Dave for your insight. I am considering the PowerNode 2i. However there are a few things that concern me about that unit:
1) No digital outputs (save the ARC HDMI)
2) No preamp outputs
These two omissions seriously preclude upgrades except to add a sub-woofer
3) No 4 ohm rating.  A couple of the speakers I am considering -- the Wharfdale EVO 4.2, and B & W 606 present 4 ohm loads (The Wharfdale is 8 ohm compatible but have minimum 4 ohm impedance) The other speaker I am considering is the Klipsch RP 600M, which should be pretty easy to drive.

My current leaning is toward the Wharfdale.

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I have had good experience with Music Direct.  Also with Crutchfield who offer 60 day return (-5%).