Bluetooth DAC Apple Music service

I recently made the foray into computer audio

In Decemeber 2014, I purchased the Sony HAP-Z1ES music server and have been pretty impressed.

My prior set up, was the Krell Reference 64, with Krell DT10 transport

I have found I no longer use my Krell, having my entire library in the Sony.

A couple weeks ago, I was looking for a Bluetooth car audio solution, which led me to a couple Home Bluetooth DACs, the Arcam BlinkR, and Musical Fidelity v90BLU.

I have the Musical Fidelity in my secondary system, and it sounds ok.

I just put the Arcam into my main rig. I began running it using the DAC straight into my system. It was a bit bright and grainy.

I decided to use Digital COAX out of the Arcam into the Krell Ref64 DAC and has so far been pleased with the results. Far better than the sound with the internal Arcam DAC.

I am doing comparisons now with my Sony Hap1Zes, vs streaming Apple Music to the arcam to the Krell Ref64.

I've heard Apple Music is using a pretty compressed file in their service. Anyone using it as well, and how that would translate using it to the Arcam into my external Krell DAC?
Have you considered a bluetooth receiver with separate DAC? I have an Audioengine which works extremely well. Everything is dependent upon the source and the DAC. Yes, the bluetooth connection will limit the quality a bit but the source and DAC can compensate greatly.
My Bluetooth System: Tidal on my phone to Audioengine to Schiit Bifrost.
I think what I am doing now using the COAX out of the Arcam bluetooth device to my Krell DAC is what you are suggesting. I actually listened for 4 hours last night and found it pretty good as well.

the thought of having the entire Apple library at my disposal with their new service is pretty cool. I am still in the free 3 month trial period, and plan to stick with it, as it is only $10 a month from there.