BMI Whale Elite vs. Electra Glide Fatman

Please provide your experience(s) in these mentioned power cords.

Thanks in advance and happy listening.

Shunyata powercords are much better.Try any powersnake out and you would never consider any other again. They are that good
The Shunyata's, like anything else, are system dependent. I bought two but my stock cords worked better so they were returned much to the dealer's amazement. I have found several other upgrade cords that do very well indeed so I'm not at all of the 'wire is wire' mentailty.
Yul I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who's made the Whale vs. Fatman comparison but as I just stated, what they hear at their house just isn't going to match your own experiences. I did buy a couple of the less expensive BMI Eel's but I'm not too impressed, while others here just love them. Go figure?
imo, I think your system will dictate which are better. I had 2 Shunyata vipers, and in my set up the Fim's or Kimber Palladians were head and shoulders better. I also like the Fatman 2000 quite a bit.

Sorry I can't comment on your direct question...but your mileage will vary on pc's...
I intended to use these power cords on my bridged monoblock power amplifiers, fully upgraded Counterpoint SA-100s with Silver Audio internal wiring. I am expecting more bass authority.

The related components are listed below for your reference:

Source: BAT CK-D5 CD player / Amperex 7308 Tubes
Preamplifier: Counterpoint SA-11 / 6SN7-GTY (CV181) tubes
Power Amplifier: upgraded Counterpoint SA-100 monoblock / Tung-Sol 6SN7-GTB Tubes
Speakers: Thiel CS 3.6 / Ensemble Megaflux speaker cable
AC conditioner: Chang Lightspeed 9600
Interconnect: Silver Audio Appassionata
Current Power Cords: Silver Audio Power Burst

MUSIC: Classical

I am open to all suggestion(s).


i have the bmi whale elite mk11 and tried a number of other
big names and price and nothing come even close to wath bmi does,it's like having no cable at all ,it's tranparent and
it does exactly wath it should do:play music like nothing
you ever heard

Please share your experiences with us. Especially what other brands you have tried?


i have tryseveral,cardas golden power,cardas golden refernce
cardas hexlink,xlo(the purple one)synergistic research
master coupler,audio magic,space and time,electra-glide
none do what the whale elite mk11 does ,tranparacy,accurate
tone ,no coloration ,it is like having no power cable at drian at bmi ,and speak with the guy and you will
know what i the way i have totem tabu speakers and
are very sensitive to any change i make
best regard pierre