Bobs Device SKY 20 or A23 (Denon) SUT for my Charisma 103 cart

I will be adding a Step Up device to my system soon. It's an Amadeus table, Charisma 103, which has ruby cantilever, but nearly identical specs to a standard Denon 103. These will feed my Croft phono integrated driving Harbeth P3's. I'm leaning toward the SKY 20, but does anyone have any experience here. I'm a little surprised these units haven't been compared anywhere that I can find. Art Dudley did a write up on the Sky, but in the article he made reference only to A23 Homage SUT.  Cheers -Don
I'm  sure works fine and it would depend on your gain structure but in my system I found the higher gain to work a little better and offer some extra dynamics 

The SKY 20 has 2 settings: 1:10 and 1:20.  The reflected impedance (using a 47k ohms setting on the phono stage) at 1:20 is 118 ohms. At 1:10 it is 470 ohms..... With the exception of the 1:10 and 1:20 adjustable settings, I won't pretend to have my head around the rest. I'm not to worried about it in the case of the SKY, with the Trial period and the fact he has experience with my cartridge. I've heard of the Parks Audio, will definitely check that unit out along with the Audio Interface. This is great... thanks!!


I would try to listen to as many SUTs as you can - at shops or via trial periods.  SUTs are very personal preferences IMHO.  Also make sure your SUT is actually 10x, 15x, 20x, etc.  Sometimes they are not. I had to return a Sky30 because of it.  Using a Hashimoto now.
You must live in a parallel universe to mine.  Listening to anything analog be it cartridges, turntables, arms, interconnects, SUTs, you name it is just damn near impossible these days.
Hello Don,
can you sling some solder ?
If so, then I would take a look at Dave Slagle at Intact Audio. He can wind the step-up to fit your gain structure, not the other way around.
He is second to none winding transfos. Takes a look at Dudley's review in Stereophile of his Emia unit.
While Dave is a friend, I have no financial stake. I do have a lot of his iron in my projects though, because of the quality of his work.

Cheers,        Crazy Bill