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Beatles CD box set
The Beatles in Mono arrives tomorrow. I'll get back after I have a chance to listen. Thanks to all for the help. Cheers,           Crazy Bill  
Beatles CD box set
Hello Jay, Is this the mono set you refer to, or an earlier edition. The Beatles - The Beatles in Mono (The Complete Mono Recordings) - Amazon.com Music No time now, but will be responding to others soon. Cheers,  Crazy Bill  
Best Neil Young Vinyl Recordings
Neil Young – Greatest Hits (2005, 200 Gram Quiex SV-P, Vinyl) - Discogs This is utterly outstanding in all respects. Cheers,                Crazy Bill  
Best Covers
Hauser And Girlfriend Benedetta Caretta Perform Awesome Cover Songs - The Music Man In addition, for those who like the Disturbed cover of Sounds of Silence, they did it live on Conan and a Google search will find it. Even better than the officia... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Since headphone use allows two picks ( only use cans now ) here goes Good Rats                        TASTY Zephyr                              ZEPHYR  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Surprised no one mentioned Jacintha. A unique talent, and her recordings are extremely high on the sound quality scale, STS. Her rendition of Danny Boy moves me as did Belafonte's version. Clearly a jazz singer comfortable with the old standard... 
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
Take a look at Grover before you finish your search   www.groverhuffman.com   Cheers,             Crazy Bill  
Output tube types - need some opinions
If you're looking at upper echelon iron for this project, go to the Intact Audio forum and work with Dave. His stuff is at the top of the heap.   Cheers,                         Crazy Bill  
replacement for MOFI beatles box set
Many thanks to all who offered advice. Much appreciated. Got some investigating to do.      
replacement for MOFI beatles box set
Artemus_5 Maybe I should have said " My wife asked me " to sell the MOFI, since she knew I didn't listen to them and could care less. I'm asking here since I trust the judgement of most posters here. Someone who may actually have some of the new... 
Recording vinyl woes
Hello all, Maxell cdr sourced from Amazon loaded properly and was recognized by my DR17. While I didn't have time yet to actually make a recording, I don't expect any issues. thanks for all the advice Cheers,                Crazy Bill  
Recording vinyl woes
thanks guys for all your help. I went to Amazon and found Maxell cdr that appears will work. Got a couple on the way. I'll report back after I try them. FWIW, I don't do this for my use. To me ( I'm sorry digital guys ), but all digital  pales i... 
Weekly recap gone ?
Just got mine as well  
I have been a stickler about keeping power cables away from signal cables...on equipment ?
Optimize,a bipolar +- 15v battery supply is a relatively simple affair. It might get sticky adapting it to your circuit.Cheers, Crazy Bill 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
Good RatsTASTYRIP Pepi