Boston WGBH Listeners???

I'm undecided as to how much I should spend on a tuner. Can any fellow hub audiophiles comment on the quality of the signal/sound coming out of WGBH in Boston. Does Eric in the Eveneing sound compressed through a quality system? I don't want to bother spending $2k for a tuner that is only reproducing poor quality sound.
Hi,I listen to Eric almost nightly and find his program to be almost cd quality on my system.I live in the Framingham area.I have had a magnum dynolab ft101a tuner and currently have a Fanfare tuner with a audiomat tube intergrated. Either one of these tuners can be had for around $1,000 and both sound great.
I have a Onkyo 9090 II and a Nakamichi tuner. Both sound great on GBH from Maynard. Instead of springing $1000 plus for a new tuner you might want consider picking up a used tuner. There are a number of world class tuners out there including the Yamaha T-1, T-2, Onkyo 9090, Sansui 9900, any of the early McIntosh tuners, Accuphase tuners, and the SUMO Charlie. Also, the Scott and Fisher tuners of the 60's are very highly reguarded. Very smooth sounding tubed tuners. Naim also is supposed to make one of the best tuners ever. Cheers, Kojak