Break in for a NEW 5 year old player

I know the heading looks 5 year old player.

I purchased a brand new out of the box.....NOT A DEMO
Mcintosh MVP 861 last week. I have seen this at my dealer for some time. It was built in 2005. It was never opened before last week. I know my local dealers's stock room
probably better than him and struck when I needed a favor he did owe me.

My question is would this player need even more time for
break in being it has been sitting in a storage room for quite some time. I do know it is not even close to being broken in yet (7 days old!). It is pretty cool to see
a unit that old NEW.
If you're concerned about break in, just keep a disk playing on repeat, while not in use. Otherwise, just listen and enjoy.

The fact it has been in a box for 5 years shouldn't have any effect on break in.
I wouldn't consider 5 years very old. I have a turntable from the mid 70s that is new in the box. I want to assemble it and play it, but then it would be just another used turntable.

Instead of putting a million miles on your CD player by playing a disc on repeat you should hook up a tuner and listen to the radio instead.
I understand what you are saying about keeping it in the box.

I bought it to listen to it...........especially on the cd side. The technology is not obsolete on this player on the cd side. Yes, if I decide to sell it I will never get what it is worth. Pretty cool sound though.