Break In Time for Nordost Norse 2 lines

I've gotten the Nordost Frey 2 and Tyr 2 interconnects. I'm wondering what others have found about the burn-in time. I've spoken to Nordost, who told me 7-10 days, but while it sounded great, the upper midrange and treble were quit hard and bright even after that.
I'm no newcomer to Nordost: I've had Frey, Tyr, Valhalla interconnects (still have a Valhalla interconnect and ALL the original power cords and Valhalla speaker cable as well, but I'm wondering - from the experience of users - how long they found it took to settle down. Mine took a few weeks, but I wasn't aware of it right away, due to a family member becoming quite ill. By the time I'd returned to the system, I noticed it wasn't hyped up on top, but I'd put in another carpet, which over damped the sound, so that skewed my conclusions.
What was YOUR experience?
NORDOST FREY (version 1) ICs and speaker cables:

took me about 300+ hrs minimum and even after that there were further incremental gains on a much smaller scale over a much longer time... I actually gave up fully tracking them

Was the extended wait worth it: U betcha!
In my experience, if it sounds like crap when you insert it into the system, no amount of burn in time will help.
My Nordost dealer has a Vidar. So I personally have had all my cables burned in on the Vidar. Never heard them get any better. That being said I have heard them get worse. An application of the Eco3 or Eco3X would help tame the highs when they would didn't sound right. I think it has to do with static buildup. I have the Tyr2 IC's and original Frey SC's.
Stereo, it sounds as though you're not familiar with Nordost's line. It is in nearly every review of them that their break-in time is extensive. It has rarely been my experience that a cable that doesn't sound good when you insert it in to the system does not improve over time. I say this from personal experience, and also professional (working at one of the high end magazines).

Akg's experience most closely mirrors mine, so thank you Akg. And my experience would probably also mirror Xti's, except I've never had a dealer break them in for me. Besides which, I have a tremendous sense of curiosity, and I actually LIKE listening as a component goes thru its changes. It also makes it easier to respond thru empirical experience, rather than having to guess. When I was newer to audio, I don't think I noticed break-in as much as I do now, but then, I didn't know to even listen for break-in. I would have been oblivious to finer nuances in sound that I now routinely listen for. If I cannot hear a semi-quaver on a flute, for example, that component - whatever it is - is not for me. I need the "human touch" in my sound reproduction, so it should not be the sound of a mere instrument, but the sound of a human being PLAYING an instrument. Those are two completely different methods of reproduction. One sounds "real," and the other sounds "reproduced."
Nordost still takes more time to break in than is usually acknowledged, but so does Shunyata's top tiers of cables. I should know, since I own both Shunyata and Nordost. Transparent didn't used to take quite as long to sound "right," but Nordost? Weeks. And that's playing it 24/7.
Thanks, Akg!