Bricasti V1.11 MDx Upgrade for my Bricasti M21 DAC

I ordered the Bricasti V1.11 MDx Upgrade for my Bricasti M21 DAC (also M1SE, M3).

In addition to the improved in performance that the MDx offers, there 2 new features in V1.11 for all products upgraded from early MDx versions:

CLK Wide / Fine: On all products is the ability to change the Master clock sync from a fine very accurate setting to a more forgiving wide one, yielding a more relaxed sound and to allow for fine tuning of this change. Both settings yield very low jitter results.

Filter 1: For the M3, M12 and M21 products, the addition of 2 new filters, one for each type linear and minimum phase. These filters are currently found in the M1 and were found to be customer favorites and we feel would be welcome addition to the current simple 2 filters approach in those products.

As per Bricasti’s SIM Chip instructions, I removed the cover of my M21 DAC and inserted the SIM CHIP in the marked slot. The SIM chip was very easy to align and insert. I had no issues and it works perfectly. I also changed the setting to wide.

After reading their instructions, I was concerned about finding the slot and inserting the SIM chip. However, when I removed the cover, finding the slot was obvious and I had no issues. The location of where the chip needs to be inserted is clearly marked. YES, you have to be CAREFUL inserting the SIM Chip and I used a flashlight to help me.

Once you power up the DAC, please WATCH the screen for a progress report (it goes fast) and the words PROG OK. Any questions, please ask. cheers.


Safe to assume their is no charge? 
Is it ok just to leave the SIM chip in?

How are you liking the sound? Better or just different?



1)  No charge.  Free. 

2) No.  The SIM chip needs to removed after the update is completed. It is not designed to be left in the DAC. 

3) Need more time to determine sound quality improvements. 


Bricasti Customer Support says "The filter options include either linear or minimum, so it comes down to which you prefer. We (Bricasti) like Minimum as it tends to sound the most natural. Linear is a little more rock n roll and some people really to experiment”.

Based on my switching back and forth, I also prefer the Minimum filter. Their manual says "PCM playback oversampling filter: There are 2 choices in the M21, a Linear and Minimum Phase type. This filter only affects PCM playback and not DSD”.

As per the question above, I changed the Master clock sync from a fine very accurate setting to a more forgiving wide one and agree the sound quality is a little smother and engaging. HOWEVER, I am still switching back and forth.


For anyone requesting the upgrade Bricasti will ask you for the current firmware and serial number. The serial number is located on a sticker about 1/4 inch long on the underside of the unit ( at least on my M3 ) so you will have to unhook it and flip it over to get the number. No idea why they would do that but that’s the way it is. 

The serial number is also on the outside of the original box or packaging material. 

When I purchase a new audio component, I always take a picture of the serial number and include it with the invoice.  This makes it much easier if I ever need it in the future.  

Ok, just finished up the firmware upgrade. 
you will need a Torx T8 bit/wrench

you need to only remove the right hand side of the split lid ( looking at the unit) (M3). I assume very similar on other models. 

just make sure you have the proper orientation as supplied by Bricasti. 

Hope this saves you a little aggravation as I did not have the proper wrench at the time and took off a unnecessary  portion of the lid.

Definitely different presentations. They may both work for different scenarios.