Bryston 2bsst

Anyone here have experience with the Bryston 2bsst? I sometimes see mentioned "series C"- is that another generation of the sst or all the same? I have a 3bst that's about 6 years old(+or-) and am very pleased with it with the excepetion of the upper frequencies. Some vocals have too much sibilance (right term?) and the highs are a bit bright for my taste. So, I'd love to know if the 2bsst would take care of that issue. I am going to be looking at used amps and I think the 2bsst would be closest to my price range. FYI, I am also considering an Odyssey amp. I like the sonic characteristics of what I have now with the exception upper frequencies, so I don't want to make a drastic change. Thank you!
There's a review of the 2B SST in issue #77 of UHF Magazine. It was postive review. They compared it to their review of the original 2B from many years ago.

There is no mention of the highs being bright or unnatural to their taste; however, it may be bright to your taste. I do not know what your reference is, or what your preferences are.

A couple of quotes: "Brass was bright but not hard..." (pg. 36); "If an amplifier is at all harsh or strident, not to say downright flinty, we'll spot it right here. But we didn't. It still sounded like a Stradivarius, with no hint of screechiness..."(pg. 35)
I had the 3BST and 4BST with NHT 2.5 speakers (not a great combo). I had similar issue with the highs. I switched to the 7B-SST and the slight hardness in the highs was no longer present. I beleive in general the SST line is softer on top.
I own (and enjoy) a 2BSST, i had troubles with it being analytical and uninvolving with too bright of highs and for the most part unmusical when i had it paired with a PS Audio PCA-2. I have since switched to a tube pre amp and absolutly love what im hearing. Initially after swapping pre amps i still had spitty highs, but i played with speaker placement and all is well. I feel this amp is neautral and puts out what it recieves based off of my experience with it. I do prefer a musical sound over a detailed sound though. I dont know how power hungry your speakers are but i feel my vons could use a little more power. If you think you 3BST is a little low on the juice then maybe save for a 3BSST or 4BSST. I dont have any experience with the older Bryston gear so i cant compare, sorry.
Thanks for the replies (and I welcome more of them). Sounds like there's a good chance the sst series would solve my issues. I don't have any power issues, so I'll just wait til the best deal comes up on a-gon for a 2bsst or maybe a 3bsst if priced low enough.